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E-Mandarin | Learn Mandarin The Easy, Effective & Enjoyable Way

Achieve Your Mandarin
Conversational Fluency Faster

Learn with the right teacher through
one-on-one personal touch


Mandarin Lessons Made Easy!

Mandarin Lessons
Made Easy!

Every Mandarin lessons are break into small chucks, so you can follow it step by step using your own pace.

Learn Mandarin Effectively

Learn Mandarin

You will experience a whole new system and methods to learn mandarin effectively. If you know how to build legos, you can follow the system easily.

Enjoy Learning Chinese

Enjoy Learning

Have it being a frustrating journey for you to learn Chinese? Enjoy learning Chinese from us as we know the fun way is the best way to learn Mandarin.

Bobby Shaker

Jean has a very methodical way of teaching Chinese. My previous teacher was a little random in a way I was taught. Jean puts real life situations into her textbook, which make it very easy and practical to apply in everyday situations whether you are...

Bobby Shaker
Senior Director Regional Marketing Operations @ Johnson & Johnson Pte. Ltd

Linda Damara Chua

The reason I am learning Mandarin is because it is now the 2nd most spoken language in Singapore.

Some years back, I wanted to learn Mandarin but did not have the time and I did not find a suitable teacher/Language School when I tried looking.

With my...

Linda Damara Chua
Certified Hypnotherapist